New Accounts – Website Special

Receive 50% off your first kitchen countertop resurfacing in a vacant unit. Click here to download New Account form.

Current Accounts – Seasonal Promotions

“What’s Your Favorite Flavor” Contest
Properties choose and submit their favorite “flavor” from a list of our countertop color selection. One property will be chosen and announced at the end of each fiscal quarter. The winning property will receive a $150 gift card for a staff lunch sponsored by Flavor Finish. We ask that each property only submit one entry per quarter. Download contest form.

Current Accounts – Permanent Special

“Go Green, Get Green”
If you have an account with Flavor Finish and have not elected to receive your invoices by email, doing so now will really pay off! Submit our Go Green emailed invoice request form before January 1st, 2016 and you will receive $10.00 off your next invoice. Download the Go Green Form.

Current Accounts – Permanent Special

$100 Referral Credit
Refer a new property to Flavor Finish and become eligible to receive $100 credit towards your new account. The credit will be issued only to the property that made the referral and only after the first invoice is paid by the new account.